THE NEW LIFE CLINIC    5800 Cottonworth Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209    (410) 323-0499

New Life Clinic Teaching Time

From the very start the leaders of the New Life Clinic have recognized the importance of self-awareness and understanding as a part of the personal spiritual preparation that enables a person, to become open to the healing power of God. To that end, a time of teaching is provided each week. It is led by a member of the healing team. The teaching covers a wide range of topics chosen to highlight different aspects of the Life of Spirit and the healing process.

The teaching time begins at 10:00 A.M. each Thursday morning in the Sanctuary of the Mount Washington United Methodist Church. It is usually a lecture of 30 minutes, followed by an opportunity for questions and dialogue. Following the Teaching Time there is a period of quiet meditation in the Sanctuary until the healing service begins at 11:00 A.M.

A book table in the Lower Hall features recommended reading and tapes of past lectures and sermons. Iris staffed by volunteers, and is available from 10:30 AM. until Noon each Thursday.