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New Life Clinic Book Table

A book table in the Lower Hall features recommended reading and audio recordings. It is staffed by volunteers and is open from 10:30 a.m. until noon each Thursday.

  1. The Gift of Healing

    By Ambrose A. Worrall and Olga Worrall

    “The great healing power of the Holy Spirit is around us and available to us in church, in our homes, in a taxicab or a gasoline station or a hospital room — wherever the need is, one can reach out to this power. If we cannot touch the undying flame, we can, in any case, draw near its Divine warmth that reshapes and rebuilds and restores. ”

    So write Ambrose and Olga Worrall in The Gift of Healing, a remarkable chronicle of their life experiences as the two best-known spiritual healers in America. It is a story of hope, a story of the healing power of spiritual love. As such, it is probably the best personal story of theling in print today.

  2. Explore Your Psychic World

    By Ambrose and Olga Worrall

    Explore Your Psychic World continues the biography of these two remarkable healers and clairvoyants. This volume is based on a series of lectures given at Wainwright House given by the Worralls on the topics of clairvoyance, and communication with spirits. These discussions include what they psychically perceive about the inner side of our human nature and also the inner side of disease, health, and the healing process.

    The lectures are not academic in style. Rather, they chronicle dozens of personal experience of the Worralls such as their adventures in out-of-body experiences, working with mediums, psychic attack, and many conversations with the spirits of the so-called dead. They report on the full range of humankind.s potential for psychic abilities. The Worralls provide a first hand account of what these gifts are and how they are keys to understanding the subtle aspects of our life and experiences.

    The tone of this volume is not one of dry theory or speculation about psychic abilities and experiences. Instead we are provided with many anecdotes that vie detail about the higher dimensions and how they are related to our physical existence. The reader is given ample evidence to support our belief that the personality lives on after death, and that the quality of our thoughts is a very powerful factor in promoting health or disease.

  3. Mystic With The Healing Hands

    By Edwina Cerutti

    If you want to know what a spiritual healer does and how they do it, then this is the book you must read. Mystic with the Healing Hands is far more than just another biography of Olga. Mrs. Cerutti writes in the style of an investigative reporter who approaches Mrs. Worrall with mature but cautious interest.

    Initially, Mrs. Cerutti contacts Mrs. Worrall to seek comfort and help for a husband dying of cancer. As the story unfolds, we are drawn into Mrs. Cerutti.s personal odyssey from skepticism to grudging belief and finally to understanding. Each step of the way, she chronicles the pursuit of her challenging questions and demand for explanations. Whole chapters are devoted to examining the claims of healings, how the healing energy works, where it comes from, and how the patient can block or support the healing process. Other chapters cover the clairvoyant experience of Mrs. Worrall and the insights that they reveal. Mrs. Cerutti's persistent interrogation eventually led to a close friendship and deep respect for Mrs. Worrall's abilities and, consequently, to the writing of this book.

    Ultimately, this volume puts a human face on the practice of spiritual healing. The healing and psychic work of Olga Worrall is presented as a series of individual stories that reveal her abilities. In the process we are provided with a powerful story that reveals the spiritual potential behind our human nature.