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New Life Clinic Healing Prayers

The two prayers quoted here are among the many prayers spoken by Ambrose Worrall just prior to the 9 P.M. time of silent meditation. Some were recorded by his wife, Olga, and later printed in Aqua Vitae.

Gracious Father, we again approach the pure light of Thy Spirit, and we are cleansed by its powerful rays. The channels of our being are opened and through them flow the Living Waters from Thy Spirit. The thirsty ones that turn to Thee at this time will be able to drink deeply of the lifegiving fluids and they shall be restored to perfect health, in accordance with Thy laws; for this we give our thanks. Amen.

At 9PM every evening hundreds of people of many faith traditions across the country and around the world take five minutes to participate in a time of healing meditation.

Dear Father, the light of Thy Spirit is upon us. It surrounds us -- it casts no shadow. In its perfect light, only that which is pure and good can come into the consciousness for we are one with Thee. We are thankful for the priviledge of being reflectors of Thy light, for we know that along those teflected beams Thy healing power flows -- and those who are touched will receive and be blessed, and for those of Thy children who are made whole at this time we give our thanks. Amen.

To seek healing... ... spend a few moments in prayer just before 9:00 PM thanking God for the good things in your life and for his healing love. At 9:00 PM, meditate silently and open yourself to the healing energy of God's love.

To contribute your prayers to the ministry of healing... ... spend a few moments in prayer just before 9:00 PM thanking God for the power of healing love. At 9:00 PM, meditate peacefdlly and silently for five minutes on the ability of God's healing light to penetrate our heart, mind and soul.

"Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight. " Hebrews 12:1